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Q: What makes ABC ( better, or different?
A: We work toward making our website simple to use, and offer great value through affordable services.
You will notice that ABC stays away from annoying pop-up advertisements, banner ads, and microscopic text. We are a home grown business dedicated to personal service. Since Oct., 1997
" We are here for the world to use and see, but we cater to Arizona businesses exclusively."

Personal Information
Q: Does ABC sell or give my email and other information to outside companies?
Absolutely not! Additionally premium registered businesses on our Online Business Directory can be emailed from their contact link, the email address itself is concealed from the public and robots. This secures our customers from unsolicited email (Spam).

Search Engine Tip
Q: How can I make my business more visible through the directory search?
A: The directory search scans business titles and descriptions in the database.
Try to use common words that people would type to find your business. (Especially in the description.)
Search works on complete words only, at least 4-letter words required. (Search would not see the word "tax")

I See Pop-Up ads
Q: Why do I sometimes see pop-up ads at your website when I'm clicking on links
Unfortunately when you click on a link that goes to another website from ours, they might have these annoying little ads that could appear to be coming from ABC, but are not. We do not use pop-up ads at our website.

Trade leads
Q: What are trade leads?
Trade leads allow you to post products, services, and opportunities within your business listing.
You can add detailed specifics of a product you sell with a picture/graphic to show, or represent it.
This is only available with a Premium listing upon request. (3 trade leads are issued to be used as desired.)

Q: Where do I find trade leads?

A: Once trade leads are activated in your premium account, log in and click the trade leads button at the
top of the page, then add your content. Text at the left of the screen will explain how to proceed.
Adding your logo/graphic (Premium listings only)
Q: How do I put my logo/graphic on my listing?
Login to your account, click the "browse" button at the bottom of the page, search your computer for your graphic, then click "upload" (File sizes no larger than 400 width x 200 height @ 50kb)

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